Modified Car Ultra Ceramic Brake Pads

Such brake pads are designed for modified cars racing purposes, all the backing plates are unique designed with URT Hooked styles, with much stronger shear strength and stopping power.


* High index means good performance, the higher the better. 10 is the highest.

Friction Hybrid Compounding Technology

Merging with Bull Brakes' the most leading Friction Hybrid Compounding Technology to creat new friction fomulation. Each intergated formula are formulated at a moleculare level to determine the formula structure. 

Postive Molding Technology

Using the most advanced one-step molding process to suppress; Accurate weighing and feeding, applying with Bull Brakes' the most leading Friction Hybrid Compounding Technology, each piece is just right.

Super Heat-conducting Materials

Ultra Ceramic Formula uses an upgraded super heat-dissipating material, which is conducive to rapid heat dissipation during braking, which still maintains a strong braking effect and reduces the probability of brake fade in repeated, continuous and rapid braking situation, such as rally race, Formula 1#.

Al-based Friction perfomance Modifiers

Al-based(SiO2+Al2O3) friction modifiers are added in proportion to make the brake pads more wear-resistant, less likely to fall off dust and less likely to produce noise. The most important thing is to greatly extend the service life of the brake pads, to ensure that the sports cars will brake effectively for a longer time.